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Comments (18)

actionpals is surely full of action.

More like really fun game I just favorited I like the graphics but the gameplay is pretty laggy maybe it's just my computer

And that song should win something. It actually makes the game more fun. I think it should win something. The song makes the game seem more exciting and fun.

Mr Mean makes the world ugly.


Me neither...

Im...not precisely the happy self-confident kid people think I am.

dont give up. You do make things that make people have great laughs.

And sorry about your grandma. Ive been there :(

sorry for your grandma.
and yeah, it did come as a surprise, since your "silly" videos are always hilarious.
don't be down.

what a coincidence. my friend's grandma died yesterday and my dad died three months ago and someone else died but i dont remember who.

it's like death is a trend right now. i just wish the trend would go away.

i have 2 say, ur youtube videos are the funniest things ive ever seen. Ur rants are really funny and i laugh whenever i just think about them. Ur probably an influence on a lot of people (including myself) because of how unique ur humor is. U should consider voice acting for other flashes like egoraptor does because u probably have the funniest voice on newgrounds. Sorry 2 hear about ur grandma and i hope 12 eyes is coming along smoothly. I also hope metaphor 128 or mr. mean make a comeback

sorry for your grandma joe. hope she rests in peace. keep making your flash and youtube videos joe. you provide much needed humor for everyone.

We'll rock the boat yo.

=( Tough man...

I'm so sorry for your loss. But remember, as long as she's in your memory, she's never truly gone.

Dude, I loved your part in brawl dicks or whatever. I totally agree, Brawl Taunts was sorta funny then he just sold out. Anyways good to hear that squeely annoying voice again!

sorry about yer nan.

that really, REALLY sucks about your grandma dude :(

Hey Dude

Sorry to hear about your Grandma yesterday, I lost my Grandma at 13. It can be very difficult to cope.

I totally get what you mean about life, I am like that. I look around me and I feel sad but I act silly and have fun to make myself feel great. I will check out Actionpals though. I gotta say I am a fan of your work, I love the stuff also on your Youtube Channel especially Metaphor128 Rant on F Zero GX :D

I hope you feel better soon dude, take care and keep up the good work!