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Comments (34)

It's awesome that you make these movies, makes me laugh everytime. Keep it up!

You're a great inspiration with your screaming about movies shennanigans

u should do something with star warz

Well ive seen all your movies.You have pretty nice animation skills and great voice acting, like egoraptor.
You are creating the new parody fad.

your animation style is amazing

what movie could u possibly make fun of next? possibly spider man 4 i heard its not gonna have toby mcguire, if u do make fun of it, be sure to include that

jeje you are a awesome animator and you not have much time in NG XP that is awesome well I like so much indiada jodes XP you are very good!! and that animation are very awesome! and funny X'D hehe good job!!! submit more animation soon!!! hehe ;) Hi!

Dude, do one for speed racer or The Incredible Hulk or Narnia: prince caspian, do one of those because your stuff rules man. :D

Hey Man How's it going?

Just wanted to say nice work and keep it up. Final cut is what i've always wanted to do except with a warlock and a horde of orcs to the tune of Back in Black. Really enjoying the movie parodies and hope you can get one up about The upcoming Dark Night, as i would really like to see your take on it.

Anyways Well done man, your fast turning me into a fan.

spiderman, starwars, superman... yeah what to use? :P anyway, i love your animations! Keep it up!

not to be rude but every good righter and animater needs a avi :)

You sound a lot like egoraptor

IROD BAD!!!!!!!!

Dude, take the end son of Indiada Jodes and put it in the audio portal. I want it for my Ipod. :)

egoraptorish or not, your stuff is hilarious

I cant wait until the wanted vid...


man make more stuff about movies, it could rock. (you can make series)

You better watch out, people are going to look up to you to make tons of god damn movies.

"hey cxan u doi one on dah x-men, lol"

Good luck with the movies though, they're great.

LOL yeah you got some good stuff man! keep it up! LOL tell me if you ever need a VA lol.

Can you make a parodie bout umm...atleast something really funny love you movies

It's not getting old. There's this theory: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I know they had horrible grammar...they must've come from Newgrounds.

Keep up the good work dude, can't wait to see more.

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