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My next Thing

Posted by Ukinojoe - June 12th, 2008

Very soon I am going to start working on another movie, but I haven't decided what it'll be yet. I get the best inspiration from movies that I take and make parodies with, but I don't know if the next thing I make will be a parody. I appreciate the requests and I might do some of the movies people have mentioned, but there's no way I'd do them all, mostly from lack of interest in the movie and how hard it is to parody. Here's a few I hear alot:

1. Speed Racer: I didn't see the movie, I didn't really have much interest in seeing it, I'm sure it'd make a hilarious parody, but my main problem with it is that I could never do a parody of Speed Racer that would be funnier than that episode of Dexter's Lab making fun of it.

2. Kung Fu Panda: I really don't get why people ask about this one. I haven't seen this one either, but I don't get why it should be parodied. The movie is supposed to be funny, right? Making a parody of something that's already funny (or even if it sucks, it's TRYING to be funny) is like MAD Magazine's territory.

3. The Incredible Hulk: I'm not a big Hulk fan, but this one might happen. If the movie is halfway decent like Iron Man, I'll probably get some inspiration from it.

4. WALL-E: I don't parody movies if they're FUCKING AWESOME like I'm anticipating this to be.

5. The Happening: NOT HAPPENING

6. The Chronicles of Narnia: I didn't see the first Narnia so probably not. Even so, the title is SO easy to convert to that parody voice I do. "The Chrodicles of Dardia: Pridse Caspiad!"

7.The Dark Knight: No comment, wink wink.

That's about the most frequent ones. I've heard alot of suggestions, but I'll probably try and be unexpected and surprising about it. So anyway, thanks for the ideas, and till next time, RAWCK ON, NG


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The Dark Knight. Because it would be hilarious.

Ya know Joe, you don't have to stick to recent movies. Might I suggest delving into gems of the past. Particularly the 80's (So much ridiculous stuff, you couldn't tell what was comedy, and what was horror, they just sorta blended together). Well thats all. Keep on Keepin' on, AND NEVAH STOP ANIMATIN'

hehehe!!! awesome! i want to see all that animations! :P

make a parody about jumper i think that it would be awesome as all ur flash animations.

why not making a spoof of scarface? damn. ... DAMn thats gonna rock! please yes do it


yeah yeah lol "the happening: not happening" xD you rock man, I was searching the net for this kind of flash movies, and I couldn'0t find them till newgrounds got to my life lol.
great fan... I could say I'm fan number 2 , man.. u'r on fav artist of lots of ass 'Oles like me (.........searching for a thing.. like ur videos)

Just can't wait for your next parody, I don't want to read any suggestions, unexpected would be awesome parody WOoOA.

p.s. Oh.. btw... it would be cool that if for example, when u make a parody that has a song like indiada jodes.. at the end an option to let me watch the music only.. =D


Incredible Hulk is ganna be awsome dude. I might make a parody of it . . .u know even if its good. you can so much funny thingsget out of the HULK!

First off your stuff is awesome and i think you'd do a really good job on the Hulk.

You seem to do well with the superhero movies so Hulk and batman should give a lot of inspiration (but the Hulk movie's already gonna be sub par so you may not even have to make a parody for it to be random). I like how you break down the ideas here, maybe wait for The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emporer (due later in august I heard) or maybe even Wanted. Those have good material.

I know this movie is like a year old but I think a transformers movie would be interesting... with a lot of "pakoos" in those robot fightings! And having the narrator play as optimus would be sweet too. Just a thought, it doesn't need to be done.

yeah dexters lab did a good parody of Speed Racer. I dont think you could do much better then that :P

will it be The Dard Knide?
or Incredidle Huld?
or The Chrodicles of Dardia: Pridse Caspiad?

Oh yeah Iron Man is gonna be in Incredible Hulk, so you could get tons of funny shit out of that

I say Hulk. I just saw it, and theres so many things to make fun of!

My vote goes for Pridse Caspiad, beacuse it would be totally hilarious.
And the Dark Dight would be pretty cool too.

May I recommend "Wanted", which comes out June 27th, the plot line is rediculous and I know it would be hilarious to parody.

i recon the incredible because it wuld be really easy to pick funny shit out of it.

How about Di Idredible Hulk

Well maybe you should just wait till more movies come, Like Hancock and just call it HanDcock or something, But you don't always have to make it a movie parody, it could be anything, And it's your choice. You have a good sense of humor, I'm sure anything you make will give us big laughs. =)

Great! Hope you have your time doing it!!

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