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Several stuffthings you might see from me in the future. (I MADE A MARIO)

Posted by Ukinojoe - September 6th, 2008

School started again this week, so it's back to that old routine again. Set up the old coffee maker right next to my bed, accompanied by its good friend The Grinder and its thousands of little Columbian coffee bean victims. This year so far (in the two days I've been to school yet) doesn't seem so bad, classes are all the usual more of the same old same old, but they seem alright. A big difference this time around is having my license, so I get to keep my sanity by shortening my commute from 3+ hours to <30 minutes as well as not having to destroy my body with the horrors of the Dunkin Donuts menu (the only thing close enough to the train station that I can eat and not have to miss my damn train) It's great to have that set of keys, and the marvelous Angry Faic keychain (and shirt) I got today. Thanks you guys, now everybody on the road will know how ANGRY I am!! BUT ENOUGH ABOUT THAT SHIT, YOU WANNA KNOW ABOUT CARTOONS.

I'm sort of down to making one film a month, which is pretty good for me, considering its been zero films per year since '06 before I got into the whole Newgrounds lifestyle. I haven't decided yet if I'll make a Madness Day one, but I guess I could write a little about what I had in mind for what I might do. The idea is that, a bunch of kids are playing, and they do that pretend gun game we probably all did in 4th grade. They'd pick up anything and everything to use as a gun: sticks, rolled up paper, school supplies, whatever they can find, becomes a gun or a grenade or something. Their imagination would get them carried away, and from their perspective the "guns" are all blowing holes in their friends faces and tearing them to shreds. All the blood and gore happens on screen, but in reality it's just their imagination. I'd call it... Madness: IMAGINATION. Eh? Eh? Whatever.

The reason I might not really do it is because I have a much bigger thing planned that I might not do! It's a political cartoon that'd be a musical number, dealing with voting, or lack thereof. I'd be my most ambitious project yet so I feel like I need at least a month if not two months to do it.. I'd have to finish before election day!! But yeah, these are the things I've been thinking about for a couple weeks now. I'm not sure what'll come out of it yet but I'm sure it will be completely spontaneous and have nothing to do with anything you just read. Do yourself a favor and un-read it.

It's just hard for me to pick something and stick with it, ESPECIALLY the ones that are sincere and have integrity. >:(



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Comments (22)

That video was... well... awesomely hilarious. I think I love you. Bare my children.

That video made me cry tears of joy.

that indeed you did

You should make a super mario world!

If i can ever make it past the first of three Brotherses

go go voter burn out... dooo dooo dee doo doo go go voter burnout the most laziest and most ignorant voter-errsssssssssssss


Zed/Repulsa in '08

i couldnt stop laughing!!!!

haha, you retard.


Nice, I laughed.

The was video was breath taking.
The story was amazingly exiting!
The title...
sucked. &gt;:)

erm... in that one lvl where you screwed up there is a way to get on top of that map... but other then that it was F***EN AWSOME! I liked it when you cried. ^_^

Not without a mushroom

Do the musical/political/voting thing. That actually sounded fairly interesting.

I think I will, but I kinda suck at this. I'm struggling as I type this just to write the melody.


you have great humor XD.


lmao yes

I like how you failed at it like 4 seconds after making that whole drama XD

Hope to see more of your toons.

Ooh yea great video on Youtube. Faved it.

I think ur really cool =D



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