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Oh whoops/Gwonzlum

Posted by Ukinojoe - September 15th, 2008

I just realized my last post wasn't on the front page. Well whatever, it was really long-winded so here's the gist of it, plus what's on my mind today:

-high fructose corn syrup sucks
-not having to type out essays anymore when I can just say them out loud is pretty awesome
-Jones soda is delicious
-tankmen and madness are about penises
-Gwonzlum buys the universe

That last one is a new one, that's the name of a series I want to eventually start making. It's about an all-powerful godlike entity from another universe named Gwonzlum (the guy in my header image), that buys the entire universe for him to control. I draw Gwonzlum a lot, even years ago, when I was trying to make several cartoons that I just never found the time or patience for. He's basically just a strange looking villain type character that's all gray and has a hand for a body. I figured he would have to be a shape shifter, since I always thought of different ways to draw him in every picture. Gwonzlum's personality is hard to define, because he's not really a human, and doesn't have any human hopes, fears, dreams, or flaws, all he knows is commerce. He is not exactly evil but is completely cold, calculating and heartless. I think the best way I can describe his personality is that he's a mix of Hitler... and Jesus. You know, the two idealistic polar opposites. I think it would be an interesting mix, like putting marshmallow fluff on a burger. He tries to do good, but his idea of good is very different from ours.

Here's the picture for who ever missed it, or is too lazy to go back to the other entry.

Oh whoops/Gwonzlum

Comments (16)

twinkletoes ws his nickname in highschool

That's awesome. Really abstract. It makes me ant TO KILL ALL VIRGINS.

Disclaimer: Gwonzlum and subsidiaries have no legal affiliation with the cult of gwonzlum and take no responsibility for the actions of its criminally insane fanatical member(s)!

ace ill buy it :D

yep its good alright

tankmen and madness are indeed about penises and jones soda is the only soda you should buy in your life...EVER!!! and plus the money goes to charity or something but who cares about charity pff. just buy it because it tastes fo shizzle!

Jones Soda has got some werid favors. But all and all it is not too bad.

"I always wanted to drink my Thanksgiving meal. Thanks Jones Soda!"

wtf? that is distubring. now my new back round!

wtf is that??? a gremlin?

Gwonzlums 2: The New Batch

Hi Joe
I'm a huge fan and i'd like to ask for you to make this character, but with a twist, he appears in your movie spoofs, or whatever they're called. Also make a spoof on disaster movie! That would be funny like all those other spoofs!
Good luck with the series and tell me when the first one s out!

thanks for your review man. you pet your tablety too?

happy madness day

lol I havent seen your madness movie, but I will as soon as I get home because school computers are teh gays

Jones Soda is delicious indeed.

You know what? You've just won 500 dollars from your MD08 movie.

dude, i just wanted to say UR MY FAV ANIMATOR ON NG, ur stuff is just so hilarious, and u created ur own style of funny, only u could have made a madness entry like that one.

Can i have a cookie?

He kinda looks like mister game and watch, great job. Congratulations on the third place finish in the madness day competition.

Have a good one.

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