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Twelve Eyes

Posted by Ukinojoe - December 3rd, 2008


It has been a while since I made anything, cause I've been so heavily weighed down by school essays and stuff that it's been hard to find the time. I was gonna do lots of cartoons in the past two months but things got in the way and time ran out and blah blah blah nobody cares blah blah blah they're all canceled.

Anyhow, I want to just bring those who are interested up to date, with what I'm working on right now.

Twelve Eyes is a series I'm developing right now, it's something that'll be a much more long-term project than anything I've done so far. Some people might be disappointed that it's not a parody or short cartoon, but this is really the sort of thing I've always wanted to do with Flash, but probably didn't have the ability until now (maybe not even now.)

Twelve Eyes is the story of six secret government agents who are assigned the incredibly important and secret task of protecting the world's most heavily guarded secret. The secret thing, which they don't know what it is, is entrusted to them in the form of a gigantic crate the size of a garage, simply code-named "IT". All of the secret government warehouses and army bases that house secrets have all been raided by enemies and resistance groups, and this one, the MOST SECRET SECRET OF ALL THE SECRETS, is the last to remain.

Before I go on I should add that despite the plot being about government secrets and G-Men, it's not a serious drama, it's going to be funny and light-hearted. The Twelve Eyes are bumbling and incompetent, the G-Men in charge are corrupt bad guys, and the world they live in is silly and whimsical and weird as hell.

IT can't be contained in a storage facility because it'll just get stolen, so IT is being given to the Twelve Eyes to haul around the world for a while, protecting it, constantly changing its location, until a proper procedure has been decided by those responsible. The idea is that at no point will one of the twelve of their eyes ever be taken off the most important thing: IT. They'll have to protect IT and keep the public from knowing about it, until they get too suspicious and IT has to be moved again. They'll go to an empty desert, a port town, the blistering tundra, the bottom of the ocean, a tropical island, a city where everyone and everything runs on coffee, the moon, and wherever else they'll have to go to keep IT out of public eye.

There's not a lot more I want to say about it, since I'm just scratching the surface in writing it, except that you probably won't see this for a while. I know how it ends, because I want it to be a pretty short series, but am still making up the specifics in the plot and designing some of the characters. I want it to be really good but at the same time I don't want to feel like I'm sacrificing one of my limbs for this project. I'm probably in way over my head in doing something this big, so I'll try not to CHURN IT OUT too fast, this'll be a learning experience I guess. I've been making cartoons too quickly and I want to just spend some more time on something and REALLY put effort into it. You might see other quickly made stuff in the meantime, but this'll be a while. I just wanted to let this cat out of this bag to see who's interested and whatever, and maybe get pressured to work harder on it.

I'm typing this up at school so check back later, I'll put up some drawings and stuff.

Twelve Eyes

Comments (27)

sounds cool

i sit right behind you so ive been watchin you type this all out.

Do you have the notes from tuesday's biology by any chance?

I'm trying to copy off P-Bot but he's halfway across the room

Oh noes, the G-man, run Gordon Freeman!

That oughta be good, at least something original will finally happen :)

twelve eys should be about me and star me as me.

twelve eyes? what about the NOSE?

well that sounds great Joe. Cant wait to see it, hope it turns out.

Ok so World AIDS day rocked. But that's history. I finally made an official Youtube channel, because people are just gonna upload my toons to youtube anyways. I fucking hate youtube, but here's my page

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/user/OneyNG">http://www.youtube.com/user/OneyNG</a>

If any soul out there still plays halo 3 add me cos i be bored

Free Apple &lt; Gay mer tag

Peace out yo

So its like &quot;mend ida Blad&quot;

great! looks like is going to be good

Good luck. =) Keep us posted!

actually 24 eyes if you count the glasses

I look forward to your developing series.

Kinda sounds like The Secret Show. Man that's the best kids show ever. It'll probably be not much like it in the slightest, but that's a good thing.

that looks epic
cant wait
Don't you just LOVE grammar?

I'm liking the looks of this series, I take it it will be a little more serious than your previous outings? Or will it still be a chuckle-a-minute? Any idea when more information is going to be released on this?

looks like its going to be awsome!

I really like the artwork in it..Is the same level of art going to be consistently upheld, or is that quality simply for the promotional photos, or do you have no idea yet?

I'm hoping the real cartoon will look alot better. I sort of rushed on the promo image, I'm shooting for a pretty high standard of quality on this.

Daaaaamn man this looks freckin awesome. Cant wait to see it :D

Sounds good also nice picture :o

sounds really good. like x-files(i haven't seen the movie yet), cospiracy theory(watch to get some good ideas), and your personal style. i am gonna become a hugetwelve eyes fan, i can tell. you are a genious.

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