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Power of TWELVE

Posted by Ukinojoe - May 23rd, 2009


So summer's just around the corner, school's over, I got a C- in a class I was sure I'd fail, and now.. NOW, it's time to get to work.

Sadly, as cool as the POWER OF FRIENDSHIP SUMMER COLLAB EXTRAVAGANZA will be, I don't think I'll be participating. I've got other things I've wanted to work on for forever, and have been waiting for summer for a chance to get started on Twelve Eyes.

So, start!

....starting :/

My main hangup is still on the story. I can't decide on how the beginning should be without it seeming silly and arbitrary, I kind of want it to make sense, perfectly. I'm so used to improvising with a simple main idea in my head, or storyboarding with little to no dialogue, that when it comes down to making up a story with an actual plot and many characters and heaps of dialogue while trying to make it as NOT STUPID as possible, I have trouble being satisfied with the outcome.

At any rate, I'm re-writing the script now, hopefully I'll come to terms and be able to say it's good enough reaaal soon.

I'm just too damn picky about the script when its a story I've been planning for a long time and actually care about. Does anyone else have this problem, or is it just me?

Power of TWELVE

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i dont no..maybe it is just you?

Try making it silly and pointless, the opposite of what you're doing now. Those games rock.

which class did you get a C- in?

also try having it start off with a bunch of news reporters reporting the thefts of a bunch of government items around the world, and then it zooms out and it shows a guy sitting at his desk watching it. then he turns around, and addresses some guy to go find some people who will make sure that whatever that thing is will never get stolen.

i probly screwed up a bit on the storyline you're going for but it could work in that general idea.

No its not that, I know how the story goes and everything

It's just that I've been having problems coming up for reasons behind things that will effect events that happen much further down the storyline

I'm trying to make it so things will make sense later

also Economics 101

The power of 3 is gay. I'm rebelling against it. This summer, while everyone is working on their faggy games (more liek GAYms amarite?) you and I can monopolize toons.

this is my current opinion on po3


Lul, they have funny shaped heads.
But, That's where the originality comes in. :3

Ha, the one on the top right looks a bit like it was drawn by Adam Phillips. :P

I blame the C- on the economy

I'll probably be happy with whatever you produce. You are a good storyteller and a good animator, so whatever you make will probably be good. Don't doubt yourself so much.

you could always start with a totally unrelated scene like a guy watering his plants outside and then tie that in to the story somehow, later on. i donno how to explain it. just so that you don't start out with the main characters. usually introducing them later adds to the seriousness of a story by making them a more mysterious character

or at least thats what i think

I have the same problem, except less with script as it is with animation. Sometimes I'll make what I think is a really well animated scene, but I can't seem to repeat it with the next scene. So I end up re-animating(no zombie reference implied) the same scene multiple times to correct imperfections that anybody else wouldn't notice.

My advice would be what my scriptwriting teacher's is, show it to people that you trust to give you a straight answer. And above all, make sure that your story is enjoyable to yourself, because if you don't enjoy it, chances are nobody else will.

I don´t think I have ever scripted a cartoon that makes sense at all