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Old obscure cartoons

Posted by Ukinojoe - June 7th, 2009

When I was a little kid, I used to watch cartoons on VHS tapes alot. Most of you probably remember VHS players, but it's so ancient and obsolete now that you younger guys might only remember seeing it as a big black dusty old box in their grandparents' basement. This strange device used to play videos.

Anyhow, there was a distribution company in the late 80s and early 90s called Celebrity Home Entertainment, that had a line of kids cartoons and movies called Just for Kids. Whenever you pushed the tape in and pressed play you got this.

/* */
Man, remember the tracking buttons?? Most later VCRs had auto tracking.

These videos, from this fairly small distribution company that subsequently went bankrupt in 1997, were cool because most of them were obscure kids' cartoons from all over the world- Germany, Japan, Belgium, Canada, The Netherlands, Denmark, The Soviet Union, and more. I don't know if they're obscure in their home countries too, but it's hard to find info about most of them on the internet.

So from time to time when I'm feeling nostalgic I dig up some old tapes and pop them in the VCR.
It's hard for me to say if I'd like these cartoons as much if they didn't have the nostalgic value, but I think they're kinda charming.

This one is called Gallavants and somebody uploaded the whole thing to Youtube. I've been looking for the VHS forever and couldn't find it so I shit my pants the other day when I saw this:

/* */
It's like a coming-of-age story about ants. This one ant can't grow a "kabump", which is a bump that grows out of an ant's butt when it gets old enough. I couldn't find a trailer or anything so I just posted part 1. You don't need to watch the whole thing, cause it's long and it's about ant butts.

The next one is super depressing, it's about whales D:

/* */
I think this one is Danish. A young white whale goes searching for the legendary Moby Dick so he can protect his herd from poachers. This movie is particularly dark (in color and mood) but it's got a really unique look to it, it looks like the color was done entirely in colored pencil.

This one's one of my favorites. It's a Dutch cartoon that's like the Smurfs but in space and kinda gay

/* */
The bad guy is a huge gluttonous pink blob that commands smaller green blobs to feed him and he's always antagonizing these pink yoshi-like people that are all based off of zodiac signs.

This one is Japanese, and it's just really cute

/* */
I like this one, it's about a bunch of animals who live on an island and the main character is a platypus. A PLATYPUS. How many cartoon platypuses are there? This one was Belgian/French Canadian, and this is the Swedish intro:

/* */
This show had a formula: the bad guy would see something on TV and get a sinister idea. Then the good guy would find out his plan by watching the same TV show and would come up with the solution.

This was an interesting find- I was looking for info on a movie called "Quark the Dragon Slayer", about a troll who slays dragons, but couldn't find anything on Youtube. Then, in a completely unrelated search I found this:

/* */
The fat little troll at 44 seconds, that's Quark! I have never heard of this before but I'm gonna watch it when I'm done typing this.

This last one wasn't even part of my childhood or on any of these tapes as far as I know but holy crap is the song catchy:

/* */
That's it for now, but I'm sure there's others I'm not thinking of. I feel like there's a million foreign cartoons I've never seen before and now I'm interested in finding what exists. The related videos on Youtube for alot of these has cool looking stuff I've never heard of. Some of these shows and movies you can actually find on Youtube, but for most you're on your own. I wish I could find Vicky the Viking in English but I'm not sure if it exists.

My next cartoon features a guy who has severed hands for eyes

Old obscure cartoons

Comments (35)

VHS is the shit.

I also have a betamax but that greatly precedes my memory

i thought those were seashells on his eyes

They're pale green because they're dead and lifeless

You're ripping off of ZSL.

These aren't great cartoons they're gweat cartoons

wickie is THE funkiest viking ever. no doubt.

fuck you, knightsofthecircle

also holy shit Serendipidy

my memories of all those childrens books came flooding back
Leo the Lop
Crackle the drug-addicted Squirrel


Serendipity doo

Serendipity dee

At the moment there ist a Wicki movie in the making, in my country. And no, Till Schweiger will not be an actor in it, as far as i know.^^

I heard about that! I thought it was crazy how I just heard about this recently and that they're bringing it back after all these years

I guess we do the same shit here with Ninja turtles and junk

the nostalgia made me black out. :D
the nostalgia from the VHS that is. I was born right at 1990, although after effects of the pop culture pandemic of the 80s lasted until 1997 i doubt i was old enough to retain the memories of these obscure cartoons.


and btw.lol,hands eyes guy lol XD

I am 13 and I have a VCR....

My TV totally has no AV inputs

If I wanna play Nintendo I need a VCR

Oh man, VHS.
When I was a little kid, I would spend hours watching Disney cartoons and movies on it. Good times. I still have the tapes laying in my room.

Hey, remember when you had to rewind tapes?

When the DVD player first came out, I kinda missed rewinding.

I sure do

I also remember some players went slow as shit so you needed an external rewinder

yeah the samson and sally one is one of the really typical, dark themed children cartoons from the 80-90ties where there were alot of swearing, dark themes and death and really fancy artwork in them, really typical danish of that time(i can show you loads of those). the valhalla one is a movie based on some (really great) comics done in the same style, about the scandinavin religion revolving around thjalfe (the boy) and his sister, where they life and work as servants for Thor, the thunder god. the comics are pieces of art, in a chole class for themselves really....Danes are awesome D:

Valhala caught my eye a bit.......for some reason.......

aaahhh who am i kidding......im a sucker for childish fairytales...........


also, wikie the viking is japanese as far as i remember.....the guy who writes and draws the manga "One piece" used the show as a major inspiration for his works...

I vaguely remember Gallavants. I have no idea where or how I saw it but I'm sure I've seen it before.

I was a VHS kid. But all I remember watching on them was a mix of Looney Tunes, Casper the Friendly Ghost and Three Stooges cartoons. I wish I had neat stuff like pink dinosaurs. But I did have Power Rangers. :)

Oh my god I remember that pink dragon one. I remember there was a episode where the parrot did something and he was strapped to a ball and chain through the whole cartoon, it was some message about doing the right thing and owning up to your crimes or some shit.

Holy fucking shit.. glad to see Wickie The Vicking again.

VHS, oh the Sandlot.

Watched it at least 300 times.

I had a devil of a VCR that would


my precious tapes


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