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I changed some stuff around here

Posted by Ukinojoe - July 24th, 2009

Yeah that's kinda cool I guess

It's been a while since I did one of these cause there's little to write about

So anyway I didn't go to Comic Con this year and probably won't next year, partly from lack of interest but mostly from expense but ESPECIALLY because it's so far away it just sorta psyches me out you know

I haven't been doing much and haven't been very busy either and I guess I'm also not making anything really I've just been having alot of fun. Good times B)

For some reason I want to write a novel called Repeat and the main character is named Penn Station. Ten points to the house of whoever guesses what the plot is about

Oh and for all you stalkers looking for me on the twitterbird I'll save you some Googling

I changed some stuff around here

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camping and traveling

He feels as if he has ants crawling in and out of his ass, but the he remembers he's Penn Station and that they're people and that he's a commuter station. His best friend is Grand Central Station and they hate ghetto-ass Port Authority.

that's a weird guess


It's about Sean Penn inheriting a train station and it's full of spooky ghosts.

Now pass me the pumpkin juice.l

This is the closest guess so far... but no, not at all. Not even close

im thinking its about a pen called penn who is the pen for the receptionist of a train STATION and who has a mind and thoughts and wants to be different from the other 11 pens that came in his pack hence the repeat. or not. maybe its some dude who lives such a boring life and has worked into a rut where he does the same thing everyday and suddenly realizes it and decideds to try and have some fun. but he has no idea how. OR its a retarded footballer who can only rin in circles. or maybe even just a big truck with an eyeball.

Hint: Penn is a human

is it about jews? I bet it's about jews.

Probably, but no

penn station gets turned into a train
watch him try to live his life

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

they sure do

Does it involve time travel?

its about penn station repeating the same day over and over again

film adaptation starring bill murray

thats way too obvious

I don't blame you for not wanting to go to comic con. Even if I won tickets for all days it's open I still wouldn't want to pay for the airplane ride and hotel.

John was an ordinary man until he turned into an rv. He was forced to run bus routes, thus changing his name to Penn Station.

It's about a person called Penn Station who partakes in a series events with some relevance to the title of the story. This is correct, now give me the money you promised :c

oh you're not even trying

Sean PENN buys a STATIONwagon. Or a motorhome with an eyeball that can travel though time and space?

the van/RV/motorhome with an eye is from something unrelated

Every time i read your posts with it's lovely run on sentences, I keep hearing that "Iron Bad" voice in my head

Penn Station works in a store that sells only office stationary and whenever people come in they always ask him "is that REALLY your name"? and because that happens all the time its called repeat

or its a buddy comedy with an RV and a gorilla

it's about a guy called penn station who vomits every time he tryes to eat

the end

what ever happened to that game u were working on?

the drawing looks allot like the caravan of ben 10's granfather

If Penn is a human then he could be a writer that writes about stations?
And Penn repeats himself through his novel?

what do you say?

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