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I know i have a far bigger interest in telling stories without words then i do with dialogue. Animation is after all a "visual" medium. Its strange looking around a community like Newgrounds tho, theres alot of "storytellers" here that use a tonne of dialogue and yet their stories are utter shit, all the good storytellers on this website seem to just rely on music and visuals to tell a good narrative. Course this is just my opinion. The fact most dialogue driven cartoons on this site are bad sitcoms probably doesnt help.

A big offender here on Newgrounds is how alot of games have extremely boring long instructions. I like a hard complicated game now and then but I hate seeing it in Flash games, where my attention span is even lower than usual. I like how Tom's games are all consistently simple and take seconds to learn how to play. Additionally, movies that begin with a block of text explaining the backstory or something are no fun at all.

Well, I enjoy silent storytelling as well, but dialogue is very important sometimes. Even if you don't use it, It's best you learn how to write it.

You know whos the best character to fill the non speaking role? Gordon Freeman, hes fucking awesome and he doesnt even say shit, its just the way the story is structured that u actually think ur freeman and ffs i even nod the mouse when the npcs ask me stuff, like the game really makes u feel like an important part and not simply the characters guide...

sumthing like that applies to when going to uknown countries in which u dont know language u have to move to express what u want, movement is an universal language =D

Ps: i honestly think Master chief would of been a better character if he never talked...

Tl;Dr: movement can speak for itself in its unique universal language

You know another interesting thing about Gordon Freeman? You never even SEE him. He's a pretty good example because aside from the promotional art I figured you're supposed to reflect your image/personality onto him, because he's sort of a blank slate.

oh and happy bday man =D

I often find myself having an urge to animate a movie with no dialogue, and one time I actually pulled through(well... one line).. I thought I did a good job keeping everything timely and putting a few unexpected jokes in, but overall the movie didn't do as good as my others. (TailRider if you are interested)

I like silence in movies/games, because it shows no matter how complex something is, it can be explained without actually explaining.

Heh I'm just a simple person with only basic ideas about movies and stuff.
Anyways Happy Birthday!

No the reason Gordan freeman and most main characters in successful video games don't talk is because when you play, you portray yourself upon them. So if they talk constantly you won't feel as if your in the game as much.

really good post here. Walle was REALLY good. I cant think of what an attrocity would it had been with someone voice acting fo wall-e and eve all the time. yack.

anywyay happy Bday! also that image is fucked up.

How funny is that shit?

Happy happy birthday happy birthday SQUIDWARD!

Have you ever played the Paper Mario series? I've always though of that series as one of the best of all time mainly because Mario barely utters a sound. Even Luigi and Bowser talk, who usually have as many lines as Mario. It sort of makes you feel more in control of him than in any of his other games. I also agree with the post above me about Gordon Freeman 100%. While they're both known as the main characters, they're more of a focal point to play out the story of everyone else. I've always liked those sort of games.

Example in video games... the main character in GTA III. Though every one else talks...

Example on Newgrounds... the Brakenwood series. Not a word is spoken by Bitey, but it is obvious he is an arrogant asshole.

is tah supposed to be mcains vp?


Happy b-day. =3

Your absolutly right about the dialog issue. TV today is boring. I have to sit back and listen to all this bullshit dialog to put together the plot. Ever see Mr. Bean? Little or no dialog, but you know whats going on, and you laugh. Its all visual. Same thing with music.Popular music nowadays relys heavily upon lyrics to show the mood of the song. A good musician should be able to portray the songs mood with the instruments. Same with animators, dont rely upon the script, rely upon the drawings. Your honestly one of my favorite artists, and your ability to point out this problem is one of the reasons.
P.S (Nice Sarah Palin haha)

that palin pic rules

Go to my userpage... you know you wants to.... so much. ;3

im to lazy to read the words but is that amelea air heart killing the statue of liberty?

o i get it!!!!!!! sarrah pellin is killing the statue of liberty... which resembles america, u underestimate me joe.... u think im done but i proved u!!!!!!11

Do you still update your youtube

Holy shizz man. That drawing kicks Arse. Do a Hulk parody!

I didn't draw it.

and nope

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